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Merger with Metcraft Group LTD

After over 150 years of trading, JA Envirotanks have recently merged with Metcraft Group LTD to become one of the largest steel storage tanks suppliers in the UK.

Within our 20,000 square foot workshop, we possess the machinery and expertise to fabricate virtually any type of storage tank or steelwork; simple or sophisticated. We produce tanks and steelwork for a wide variety of uses and export products extensively throughout the world.

Some of the workforce have been with the company for over forty years, delivering a wealth of experience and knowledge in a business where the integrity of the finished product is vital. As befits a specialist company, levels of workmanship are high and inspection standards are rigorous.

Please note Metcraft Group LTD have only bought assets and the IP rights of the liquidators of JA Envirotanks LTD, this was not an LTD company acquisition.

Email: Sales@jaenvirotanks.co.uk 

Telephone: 03300 577 577